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Carmen Steffens


World famous supermodels Adriana Lima and Toni Garrn opened the show for Carmen Steffen’s Spring 2015 clothing line during New York Fashion Week, interchangeably donning short flirty dresses with geometric cut outs and long flowing animal printed maxi dresses. While there were sprinkles of color (floral prints and bright handbags with fringe) studded belts and metallic heels, there were elements that were either lacking or seemingly incongruous to Steffen’s vision for the Spring and Summer.

First: the music. While one can appreciate effort to inject latin energy, it was an odd accompaniment to the looks presented considering the color palette (or really lack there of) chosen by Steffen.What happened to color independent of pattern? And better yet, independent of the same pattern used repeatedly for what are supposed to be different looks? Sadly, several front row audience members could be seen fidgeting and disinterestedly looking about the room until appearances by Lima and Garrn seemed to perk up the crowd who then turned its attention and cell phone cameras on the headliners. One model in particular seemed to lope down the runway with quite an unusual gate in an almost uncomfortably try-hard-sachet that instead of being sexy, almost made it cumbersome to watch.Gratuitous amounts of various animal prints peppered throughout the show also made one wonder if Steffens is truly with the times – a shame because the models themselves were quite young; the clothing itself, not so much. Instead what comes to mind is a clothing line geared more towards aging reality TV personalities: Real Housewives of Orange County anyone?

Lastly, lets revisit the headlining models sweeping exit: but wait, there wasn’t one. There was no final walk with the designer, just the lackluster line up of bored models doing their token last lap of the run way followed by a solo Steffens. A mustered lazy applause from the audience, a few bows from Steffens, and the show was over. So where were Lima and Garrn? Probably hurrying to their next run way show or press event – either way, most likely to make an appearance somewhere other than Steffen’s snooze fest, where they weren’t expected to be the joists of main event.

Photos by: Joey Danger


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