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A diagnosis can change your life… but cancer is a word not a sentence, we offer you a gentle whisper of peace.

Live Bold Style is an online magazine dedicated to helping you and your loved ones achieve the best lives possible before, during and after cancer treatment. Co-founded by online lifestyle editor and Stage 3 breast cancer survivor Renee Smith, Live Bold Style provides information on the latest in cancer research mixed with fun, yet practical features on health and wellness, fashion, beauty, travel, and food. LBS will help you embrace cancer as just another step in your Life’s journey with solutions to help promote wellness in you.

At LBS, we fully embrace the concept that “Cancer is a word not a sentence” and believe that you are the director of your destiny and can feel fabulous while doing so! It’s about helping you find the joy in your journey whatever that may be and will offer you inspiration, spirituality and a gentle whisper of peace


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